VITA - Thermal Analysis Module for Bruker AFM and SPM

Bruker's VITA technology adds high resolution nanoscale thermal characterization capabilities to Bruker's Dimension® Icon® AFM, Dimension Edge AFM, and MultiMode® 8 SPM.

Now AFM users not only benefit from unmatched core performance, but can add a traditional bulk characterization technique. The VITA: AFM Nanoscale Thermal Analysis Module builds on Bruker's extensive expertise with thermal measurements - providing extended thermal measurement performance through:

  • Improved lateral resolution capabilities (to <100 nm)
  • Full digital control of heating cycles
  • Productive VITA control integration enabled by Bruker systems open architecture

VITA technology provides superior material characterization in two ways:

  • Nanoscale Thermal Analysis (nTA)
  • Scanning Thermal Microscopy

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