General Purpose Box Furnaces from Thermcraft

Thermcraft offers the BHAF series general purpose box furnaces that are designed for temperatures from 2000°F to 2200°F. With a simple, rugged design, the furnaces are versatile and enable easy heat treatment for operations more than 1200°F in an air atmosphere. They are capable of reaching operating temperature in less than one hour.

The heavy structural steel and continuously welded 3/16” plate steel components ensure the structural integrity of the furnace under all operating conditions. The roof and walls are insulated with a layered ceramic fiber blanket with a low thermal mass.

Hearth plates are located at elevating piers to enable heating elements placed below. In addition, self-aligning doors can be manually operated and lifted with a single hand on even the largest furnace.

Thermcraft also offers forced convection furnaces that are suitable for the heat treatment of aluminum. A wide range of types and brands are also available to suit specific applications.

Key Features

The main features of the general purpose box furnaces are:

  • Rugged and simple design
  • Versatile and trouble-free heat treatment
  • Designed for temperatures from 2000°F to 2200°F
  • Heat to operating temperature in less than 1h
  • Temperature uniformity +/-10°F
  • Wall and roof insulation
  • Power controls
  • Manually operated and self-aligning door
  • Meet military specifications MIL-F-80258A

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