CoilCraft Heating Element Systems from Thermcraft

Thermcraft offers CoilCraft heating elements that can be utilized as retrofits to existing fiber- and ceramic-based heaters, or can also be installed as part of a new furnace. In some cases, Coilcraft heating elements serve as excellent alternative to sic elements.

SiC elements have operating temperatures that cannot be reached by Coilcraft elements. However, for low-temperature applications, Coilcraft elements can be used to replace SiC elements.

Low thermal mass ensures rapid response times and excellent temperature uniformity. Elements can be designed with leads optimized to enable immediate replacement. In addition, quick-change capability reduces the amount of maintenance required and down time costs.

Key Features

The main features of the CoilCraft heating element systems are:

  • Coilcraft heating elements are suitable for replacing existing heaters
  • Rapid response time and excellent temperature uniformity, thanks to low thermal mass
  • Elements can be designed with leads optimized to allow instant replacement
  • Quick-change capability considerably reduces maintenance and down time costs
  • Lower watt loading results into longer element life
  • Most existing furnaces can be retrofitted for coilcraft elements with minimum modifications

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