NT-MDT SPECTRUM - Integrated AFM-Raman-SNOM System

NT-MDT offers SPECTRUM, a completely automated AFM-Raman-SNOM system that integrates AFM with many optical methods such as SNOM, TERS, and confocal Raman/fluorescence microscopy.

Based on NT-MDT’s wide-ranging expertise in developing AFM, the Spectrum enables rapid, easy, and full characterization of samples on the nanoscale.

The system includes several unique features such as full automation, advanced AFM capabilities, and complete integration with optical approaches. This completely integrated and optimized AFM-Raman-SNOM-TERS instrument is constructed into a compact and user-friendly design.

Key Features

  • Advanced AFM capabilities
  • Fully automated and easy operation
  • Automated removal of AFM probe
  • Concurrent AFM and confocal Raman imaging through different objectives (up to 100x)
  • HotSpot – automatic location of active TERS region on the probe
  • Full integration with optical methods
  • Suitable for a broad range of applications

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