LIFE: Fully Automated Atomic Force Microscope for Biomedical and Life Science Research from NT-MDT

NT-MDT offers a completely automated atomic force microscope called LIFE. Combined with inverted light microscope, the instrument can be used in medical, food, biology, and pharmaceutical research. The LIFE’s XYZ scanning measuring head can be used with inverted optical microscope having NA 0.55 condensers.

The whole range of ILM techniques such as fluorescence imaging, dark field, phase contrast, and the likes are available in the LIFE instrument. The PX Pro controller in the AFM enables closed loop operation with up to six scanning axes.

Furthermore, the AFM utilizes the advanced DirectDrive cantilever excitation system that allows users to acquire clear cantilever resonance curve. With its broad range of techniques and modes of probe measurements, the Bio AFM LIFE is ideal for many applications in biotechnology and life science.

Key Features

  • AFM and ILM integration
  • Fluid Cell
  • Six scanning axes
  • Panoramic optical view
  • DirectDrive cantilever excitation system
  • MultiScan and ScanStitch for easy acquisition of overlay AFM scans with the optical image and scans with ~ mm scan size


  • Live cell research
  • Coatings or powders in air or liquid
  • Cell-cell and cell-substrate interactions
  • Virus and microbiology research
  • Molecular and cellular biology research
  • Targeted drug delivery mechanisms
  • Tissue growth and physiology studies

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