OPEN: Fully Automated Desktop AFM from NT-MDT

NT-MDT’s OPEN is a universal 100% automated desktop atomic force microscope (AFM). Combined with PX Ultra controller, the instrument provides a broad range of AFM measuring techniques.

The PX Ultra controller offers advanced modes of AFM operation for the characterization of nanomechanical, magnetic, and electric properties of the sample. The AFM can be utilized in either scanning-by-sample or scanning-by-probe configurations.

The OPEN system delivers excellent performance with low noise features. Its drift level is only ~30 nm/hour, which allows stable data acquisition even during ultimate and long-term resolution experiments.

With its range of techniques and modes of probe measurements, the OPEN measurement complex is ideal for meeting multifaceted application requirements in science and technology.

Key Features

  • Fully automated desktop AFM
  • High stability
  • Low drifts
  • Wide range of AFM and STM modes
  • Low noise performance
  • Scanning of extensive range of samples of different size
  • Sample temperature and environment control
  • Gentle approach algorithm

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