CubiX³ Product Range

The CubiX³ is the preferred choice for industrial X-ray diffraction (XRD) applications providing the highest speed phase analysis for process optimization and quality control on the market.

CubiX³ delivers exceptional analysis speed, reliability and reproducibility. Introducing new features such as high-intensity data collection and extra flexibility in sample handling for automated environments, CubiX³ can be set up for fully automated, push-button operation. The initial investment in this platform is rapidly earned back because of the ease of operation, the independency of operators and safety for users when compared to traditional methods like wet-chemical process control or microscopy. Rapid measurement equates to real cost savings and rugged construction ensures maximum uptime of the system.

Advantages CubiX3

  • Ultrafast sample loading in combination with a high-speed 1D detector such as X’Celerator allow a higher sample throughput that enables the user to control their processes more effectively. Measurement times of 5 minutes can be easily achieved.
  • A stand-alone CubiX³ can be combined with all common automation equipment. PANalytical TWIN solutions combine a PANalytical XRF and a PANalytical XRD system. It uses the single interface of the SuperVisor software to announce all samples just once, to route the sample to one or both systems, and to control the actual measurements. The results can be merged before transmission for a joint analysis report.
  • The Industry and Quantify software packages handle measurements as well as complex calculations for industry-specific parameters. With a push of a button the operator can measure and analyze even unknown samples.
  • The Walk-up operator interface enables a fully automated XRD measurement and analysis that allows at any time access for adding new samples, operates also in a regulated environment, and requires no knowledge of XRD to achieve results.
  • High-speed XRD systems like CubiX³ allow the use of standardless methods such as Rietveld quantification. RoboRiet enables the operator to perform such Rietveld quantifications completely automatic and transfers the results to a customer defined destination (such as LIMS, paper or table).
  • The robust design of the CubiX³ allows the use of the X-ray diffractometer even in remote and dusty locations. The goniometer, optics and detectors are dust-protected inside the enclosure to prevent unexpected downtimes.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Industries

CubiX3 is also offered with dedicated hardware and software configurations for specific industries.

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