The FT-F1 Fogging Tester from Labthink

The FT-F1 fogging tester from Labthink is a testing instrument used for analyzing the fogging properties of volatile substances present in high temperature materials such as nonwovens, adhesives, elastomers, leather, textiles, polyurethane and plastic articles. The instrument complies with multiple standards such as TSM 0503G, GM 9305P, D45 1727, DIN 75201 and ISO 6452, to name a few.

The instrument includes a sample cutter, meter, glass plate, beaker, cooling plate, constant high and low temperature bath, and other components required for heating, testing, condensation and sampling processes. The fogging test can be carried out by three different means: weighing method, haze method and gloss method.

Key Features

The main features of the FT-F1 fogging tester include:

  • Six testing compartments to carry out blank and specimen test at the same time
  • Reliable and precise data under stable test conditions
  • High precision, temperature control device for aiding non-standard test conditions


The applications of the FT-F1 fogging tester include:

  • Plastic materials
  • Decorating articles of automobiles and aircraft
  • Adhesive materials
  • Leather and carpets
  • EPE thermal insulation materials, rubber and sponge
  • High intensity discharge headlamps of cars

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