Labthink’s i-Thickness 4400 Auto-Feed Thickness Tester

Labthink offers mechanical contacting-based i-Thickness 4400 Auto-Feed Thickness Tester that comes with an auto sample feeding system.

The instrument is suitable for precision thickness test of textiles, paper, sheeting, films and the likes. It is designed to comply with various standards such as BS 4817, BS 3983, JIS Z1702, JIS K6783, JIS K6250, TAPPI T411, GB/T 6547, GB/T 451.3, GB/T 6672, ISO 3034, ISO 534, ISO 4593, ASTM D1777 and ASTM D374.

Key Features

The main features of the i-thickness 4400 auto-feed thickness tester are:

  • Standard gauge block for quick calibration
  • Intelligent reminders for safe operation and sensor calibration
  • Manual and automatic testing modes
  • Display of standard deviation and thickness under various test conditions
  • Monitoring of test environment and energy consumption parameters ensures test reliability and accuracy
  • Automatic specimen feeding mechanism
  • Mechanical contact measurement with an automatic presser foot
  • Standard contact area and different testing pressures to address specific application needs


The applications of the i-thickness 4400 auto-feed thickness tester include the following:

  • Textiles
  • Paper and paper board
  • Metal sheets
  • Diaphragms, sheets and films
  • Non-woven materials such as sanitary pads and diapers
  • Solid electrical insulating materials
  • Foils and silicon wafers
  • Curved presser foot

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