The NJY-20 Digital Torque Tester

Labthink has developed NJY-20 digital torque tester designed for evaluating the lock force and open force of bottle caps, flexible tube packages and spout bags. The open and lock forces are the key parameters that regulate the transportation and usage of products.

Labthink’s NJY-20 digital torque tester has high stability and precision. The device features a large LCD display, a PVC operation panel and a micro-computer with menu interface. The design complies with different standards such as GB/T 17876, BB/T 0034, BB/T 0025, ASTM D3474, ASTM D3198 and ASTM D2063.

The NJY-20 digital torque tester comes with two standard configurations: micro printer and mainframe. It is also available with optional components such as communication cable and professional software.

Key Features

The main features of the NJY-20 digital torque tester include:

  • Micro printer and RS232 ports for convenient data transfer
  • Ability to retain peak value and record test results automatically
  • 2 test modes for lock force and open force
  • Standard testing units for comparison of data
  • Overload protection and automatic zeroing functions for safe operations
  • Equipped with LystemTM lab data sharing system for efficient data management

Basic Applications

  • Bottle Package: Open and lock force test of the bottle caps for bottled packages for food, pharmaceuticals, e.g. beverage or tablet bottles
  • Flexible Tube Package: Open and lock force test of flexible tube packages for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, e.g. eye-drop, hand cream and shoe polish, etc.

Extended Application

  • Screws: Open and lock force test of the screws
  • Vacuum Flask and Vacuum Cup: Open and lock force test of the caps of vacuum flasks and vacuum cups

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