Buehler’s CarbiMet™ & MicroCut™ Abrasive Papers

Buehler has developed the CarbiMet™ and MicroCut™ abrasive paper for the preparation and analysis of a wide range of materials. This premium paper features a bond coat and comes with specialty S backing options. It is available in various grit sizes and diameters to suit different needs.

The abrasive paper delivers excellent surface finishes, and has a prolonged service life. It offers three types of backing: S backing that is consistent, convenient and removable; Plain backing that requires either a paper holding band or water and suitable for low-cost application; and PSA backing that can be removed after the removal of clear backing.

Key Features

The main features of the CarbiMet™ & MicroCut™ abrasive paper include:

  • Convenient storage with stackable box containing removable panel
  • Resistant to water, folding and tearing
  • Improved flexibility
  • Clear markings of disc dimensions and grit size
  • Superior surface finish ensures improved material removal rates
  • Electrostatically applied abrasives offer strong adhesion of particles, consistent coverage, and predictable results
  • Resulting patterns are consistent and shallow
  • PSA backing option is compatible with platen system
  • Plain backing is suitable for paper holding bands or for use with water
  • Apex S backing for use on Apex S Carrier Films
  • Slurry coated disc delivers high quality surface finish
  • Waterproof coating ensures durability and long service life

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