Buehler’s Nikon Eclipse MA200 Inverted Microscope

Nikon Eclipse MA200 Inverted Microscope from Buehler is optimized with high numerical aperture and excellent ergonomic efficiency for viewing samples mounted on flat surfaces. It includes a grain size reticule which is optional and can be viewed through an eyepiece or monitor.

The MA200 microscope delivers optimal performance in various operational modes such as DIC, DF, BF, etc. It features a large 8.4-inch XGA LCD screen for image capture, image analysis software, and a flash prevention mechanism that avoids automatic reflection flashes while switching objective lenses.

Key Features

The main features of the Nikon Eclipse MA200 Inverted Microscope include:

  • Nikon's world-class CFI60 optics offers clear, high-contrast images with brightness greater than that of conventional models
  • Built-in, high-definition LCD screen for excellent image capture function
  • Super-wide field of view with a 25mm-diameter eyepiece
  • Nikon’s DS-U2 Camera Control Unit and NIS Elements imaging software allows capture, measurement, analysis, and management of captured images
  • 50W halogen light source for improved brightness
  • Compact design with turret-type filter system, dustproof and antistatic body, and flare prevention mechanism
  • Convenient operation with brightfield/darkfield auto-aperture switching, analyzer/polarizer interlock mechanism, efficient controls, flash prevention mechanism, and quick status check
  • Uniform illumination ensures clear brightfield/darkfield images

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