Solutions for Image Capture & Analysis Using OmniMet™ from Buehler

Buehler’s OmniMet™ is designed to perform powerful image analysis coupled with an adjustable database. The device is user-friendly with its point-and-click measurement options and in-built analysis scripts, and has ability to process even user programmable analysis scripts. The database has a multi-tiered structure so as to enable logical categorization of various users and image data in a smooth manner.

The OmniMet™ system consists of a seamless combination of cameras, microscopes, and image analysis software via a smart Microsoft® Windows® interface. It can analyze any standard format image, and is useful to meet any metrology requirements of a lab where quantitative image analysis and image data archiving are essential.

Key Features

The main features of the OmniMet™ include:

  • Can handle simple to complex measurements
  • Minimal steps required for analysis
  • Powerful image analysis possibilities along with flexible database functionality
  • Data can be transferred to Word and Excel immediately
  • Point-and-click integration of cameras, microscopes and image analysis software
  • Six different automation editions available

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