Solstice® AceTM High-Energy Ultrafast Amplifier from Spectra-Physics

The Spectra-Physics Solstice® Ace™ is a high-energy, ultrafast amplifier that is integrated with performance specifications of the Spitfire® Ace™ to enhance product reliability, output stability, and performance.

The Solstice® Ace™ utilizes adjustment-free EternAlign™ optical mounts to increase long-term stability and performance. It can provide stable operation over a ±5°C temperature range. The EternAlign™ mounts are housed by a stretcher compressor and a regenerative amplifier. Both are completely enclosed and the temperature is maintained to ensure better reliability.

The Solstice® Ace™ with the aid of Spectra-Physics’ patented XP regenerative amplifier cavity is able to provide >6mJ at 1kHz, >7W at 5kHz and >6W at 10kHz with pulse width configurations of <35fs and <120fs.

The Solstice® Ace™ can be configured for use with any version of the fully automated Spectra-Physics Mai Tai® femtosecond oscillator. It can also be pumped by the Empower® diode-pumped solid state pulsed green laser. The Empower® design can handle industrial energy stability specifications of the Solstice Ace (<0.5%rms for 24h).

Key Features

The key features of the Spectra-Physics Solstice® Ace™ are listed below:

  • Patented XP regenerative amplifier cavity design
  • Configurable repetition rate, 1-10kHz
  • Meets precise industrial standards
  • Incorporates modular parts
  • Adjustment-free mounting hardware
  • Field-proven pump and seed lasers


The following are some of the areas where the Spectra-Physics Solstice® Ace™ can be used:

  • OPA pumping
  • Nonlinear spectroscopy applications
  • Ultrafast applications

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