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Quasar® High Power UV and Green Lasers from Spectra-Physics

Spectra-Physics’ Quasar® high power UV and green Lasers are industrial standard tools providing high UV average power and energy at high rep rate to enable fast micromachining. The Quasar® is integrated with TimeShift™ technology for programmable pulse profiles for maximum flexibility, process speed, and control.

Spectra-Physics’ power amplifier provides Quasar® with improved flexibility at high output power levels. Patented harmonics provides Quasar® with innovative synergy of power, control, and flexibility.

All the Quasar® series of lasers has good beam characteristics and low noise. The latest Quasar® 355-60 is capable of producing >60W of UV output power at 200kHz and 300kHz, and >300µJ pulse energy. It can function over a broad repetition rate range from 0 to 3.5MHz, with pulse widths ranging from <2ns to >100ns. The Quasar® 532 laser provides >75W of green output power.

The integrated Active Laser Purification System (ALPS) maintains the performance of lasers for long periods of time, while the automatic data logging software aids in observing key laser performance parameters throughout the laser’s working life.

Key Features

The key features of the Quasar® high power UV and green lasers are listed below:

  • >60W UV (300µJ) or >45W UV (225µJ)
  • High PRF from 0 to 3.5MHz for fast processing
  • Integrates sophisticated power amplifier, fiber laser, and patented harmonics technologies to achieve outstanding results
  • Robust and reliable for OEM tools
  • Design meets stringent quality standards
  • Ideal for 24/7 manufacturing environments

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