Q5000SA from TA Instruments for Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analysis

TA Instruments offers the Q5000SA dynamic vapor sorption analyzer for high-performance sorption testing of materials under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature. With its compact and ergonomic design, the Q5000SA delivers the reliability and performance needed in an advanced sorption analyzer.

The Q5000SA comes with a number of features such as temperature-controlled, high-sensitivity thermobalance, multi-position autosampler, humidity generation system and advanced Advantage software.

Key Features

The main features of the Q5000SA are as follows:

  • Fully-automated testing procedure
  • Ultra-sensitive thermobalance
  • Excellent baseline stability
  • Uniformed atmosphere within the reference chambers and sample
  • Multi-position sample carousel enables automated analysis of up to 10 samples
  • Accurate humidity control over a wide range
  • Accessories include quartz and platinum crucibles

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