Ageing Cabinet EB 26 with High Air Speed and Carousel

Elastocon’s Ageing Cabinet EB 26 is designed with a carousel within for mounting of samples, high air speed and 50 lit inner volume. The cabinet is provided with a window in the door and a door sensor for turning off a fan, heating, and the carousel when the door opens. The carousel can accommodate up to 36 samples.

It is recommended that the cabinet is placed in an environment with stable temperatures between +10 and 30°C.

Elastocon don’t want to call this a Geer Type Oven since that expression isn’t a standardized expression. Each manufacturer can choose to call their product for Geer Type Oven even if the features differ between the models. Elastocon choose to call it for EB 26 which is an Ageing Cabinet with carousel inside and high air speed.

Temperature Ranges

  • Available in two temperature ranges: EB 26 – up to 200°C; EB 26HT – up to 300°C

The Elastocon’s Ageing Cabinet EB 26 complies with ISO 188 method B2.

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