Large Batch PECVD System: PlasmaPro 1000 Stratum

PlasmaPro 1000- Stratum has been exclusively designed for passivation deposition applications during LED production. It consists of a large are electrode and optimized showerhead design which enables accommodation of up to 61 x 2”, 15 x 4” or 7 x 6” wafers in a single load.

Integrated with PC4000 process tool software, the system ensures optional end point detection offering automatic process control. High-conductance radial pumping configuration delivers enhanced process uniformity and rates.

Key Features

The main features of the PlasmaPro 1000- Stratum are as follows:

  • Vacuum load lock allows quick and easy access for sample transfer
  • 490mm electrode provides unparalleled throughput from wafer batches of up to 7 x 6” size Cluster platform to support up to 3 process modules
  • Front end software offers rapid and detailed fault identification
  • Advanced auto matching unit allows accurate matching and excellent process repeatability
  • High quality device performance and yield
  • Designed to reduce cleaning overhead
  • Low heat load and high energy efficiency


The PlasmaPro 1000- Stratum can be used to achieve plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition of the following materials:

  • Metal oxides
  • Metal nitrides
  • Dielectrics

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