Load Locked or Cassette PECVD System: PlasmaPro 100 PECVD

The design of the PlasmaPro 100 PECVD system is such that it offers superior uniformity and high rate films. The system provides very good control of film properties such as stress, refractive index, electrical characteristics and wet chemical etch rate. The process chambers are standalone units with load locks or in cluster configurations on hexagonal or square transfer chambers.

The PlasmaPro 100 PECVD has the capability to operate in high pressure as well as in high flow regimes. It has the option of being combined into a cluster unit. The electrodes can handle a wide temperature range of up to 400°C.

The PECVD of the dielectric, metal nitride, and metal oxide materials can be easily achieved using the PlasmaPro 100 PECVD tools.

Key Features

The main features of the PlasmaPro 100 PECVD system are as follows:

  • Options of single wafer/batch or cassette loading
  • Up to 200mm single wafer processing
  • In-situ chamber cleaning
  • Multi-wafer batch processing for 50 to 100mm, including cassette loading of batch carrier plates
  • Options of a four to eight or twelve line gas pod provides flexibility in processes and process gases
  • Gas pod can be situated remotely in a service area, away from the main process system
  • Full area process gas inlet showerhead for uniform gas distribution optimised for PECVD
  • Single wafer load lock for wafer transfer
  • Compatible with 50 to 200mm wafers or carriers, thus guaranteeing the ability to develop devices capable of production using the same chamber hardware
  • Solid state RF generator and close coupled matching network for quick and reliable plasma matching
  • RF powered showerhead with optimised gas delivery

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