Compact Open Load PECVD System: PlasmaPro 80 PECVD

Oxford Instruments’ PlasmaPro 80 PECVD is a compact open-loading tool designed specifically for plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD). The tool can produce high quality uniform dielectric films, and PECVD of dielectrics, metal nitrides, and metal oxides materials can be achieved using it. It can handle up to 200mm wafers, and the open-loading feature allows quick wafer loading and unloading.

The small footprint PlasmaPro 80 PECVD offers flexible PECVD options, and is easy to set up and use without compromising on quality. The tool is provided with adequate stress control using selectable or mixed high/low frequency plasma power, thus enabling deposited films to be tuned for compressive, tensile, or low stress.

Key Features

The main features of the PlasmaPro 80 PECVD are listed below:

  • Optimized electrode cooling results in outstanding process control, wafer temperature uniformity and better flexibility, covering a broad range of processes
  • Suited for research and development activities and small-scale production
  • Improved process uniformity and rates are assured by using a high-conductance radial (axially symmetric) pumping configuration
  • Remotely located gas line by-pass unit for wider functionality and easy usage
  • Addition of less than 500ms datalogging offers traceability and history of chamber and process conditions
  • Close-coupled turbo pump provides high pumping speed and superior base pressure
  • Clear and easy access to key components offers better maintenance and serviceability
  • X20 control system significantly increases data retrieval and delivers quicker and more repeatable matching
  • New improved user interface
  • Semi S2/S8 compliant
  • Fault and tool diagnostics via front end software enabling rapid fault analysis
  • Automatic purge enables purging of toxic gas lines in turn with a line flush in between, thereby enabling safer, completely interlocked purging controlled by the front end software
  • Modular upgrade path for gas lines enables users to greatly increase flexibility

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