SBS-200CT Battery Discharge Cycler for Material Handling

The SBS-200CT is a new kind of discharge cycler used for charge and discharge cycle of batteries. It has a voltage capacity ranging between 2 and 96V, which makes it suitable for different types of traction batteries such as wheel chair, train, golf cart, automobile, forklifts and so on. When integrated with an industrial charger, the device delivers unmanned discharge/cycling solution to suit various material handling requirements.

The discharge cycler features a 5.7 inch LCD touch screen, adjustable stop points, and a PC software for report generation. It also includes wireless modules, with each monitoring up to 4 cells/batteries at a time.

Key Features

The main features of the SBS-200CT discharge cycler include:

  • 5.7 inch LCD touch screen displays various testing parameters in real time
  • Wide battery discharge range supports 2 to 96V battery groups
  • Wireless modules collects voltage data of individual batteries during discharge
  • Supports RS232 real time monitoring by PC and USB download data following discharge
  • Adjustable stop points in addition to different alarm designs facilitate regulation of charge and discharge cycles
  • PC analysis software monitors battery capacities in real time and generates Excel data report
  • Automated multiple discharge/charge cycle operation

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