Software for Automated Control Over Heat Treatment Processes

The CompuCore™ controls software helps customers boost their bottom line and gain a competitive edge while taking control of their equipment.

This swift upgrade offers a cost-effective option for automating the manual system with the most recent technology. In turn, these newly advanced controls decrease the potential for human error and maximize uptime, allowing users to achieve higher efficiencies. The incorporation of these compact, intuitive controls with the heat-treating system helps gain comprehensive control of all furnace functions, achieve repeatable throughput and results.

CompuCore has five main screens and promotes multi-tasking, by allowing operators to monitor and control operations. Including viewing and editing a complete recipe, while simultaneously monitoring and controlling vacuum levels and temperature.

Users can increase their capabilities today with the CompuCore upgrade, a streamlined solution that helps maximizing their equipment's potential.

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  • Access control PC for remote viewing via standard web browser
  • Capable of meeting applicable AMS 2750 requirements
  • Produce handwritten notes on the recorder touch screen to verify and sign off on chart data
  • Capable of being installed on most vacuum heat-treating systems
  • Use control and work thermocouples for guaranteed soak processes
  • Gain increased control over temperature uniformity with DigiTrim®and DigiPID™ heat zone control (five temperature ranges each)
  • Utilize preventative maintenance, diagnostics and historical data for accurate furnace troubleshooting
  • View real-time and historical trending, as well as build and analyze historical data with digital video data capture
  • Create, edit, store and execute process recipes with ease via a menu-driven screen that shows the entire recipe

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