Micro-CT for Materials Science from Bruker

Bruker’s range of 3D X-ray microscopes includes five models offering non-destructive 3D imaging for a wide range of applications, from defect detection in casting and additive manufacturing, the inspection of electro-mechanical assemblies and advanced medical tools, to grain size analysis in geological samples.

SKYSCAN 1273 – High-Capacity 3D X-ray Microscopy

Skyscan 1273 - Long carbonate drill coreThe SKYSCAN 1273 is Bruker’s benchtop 3D X-ray microscope. Bruker’s latest model, the SKYSCAN 1273 is based on micro computed tomography (Micro-CT) technology, and can accommodate samples up to 500 mm in length, 300 mm in diameter, and weights of up to 20 kg. This presents a new standard in non-destructive testing for benchtop equipment.

SKYSCAN 1273 offers users enhanced insight with the ability to virtually remove sections of samples to reveal core structures and void measurements.

SKYSCAN 2214 – 3D X-ray Microscopy at the Nanoscale

The new, multiscale X-ray nanotomograph SKYSCAN 2214 allows scanning and non-destructive 3D reconstruction of internal microstructure of objects ranging from >300 mm in diameter to submicron resolution for small samples.

The SKYSCAN 2214 covers the widest range of object sizes and spatial resolutions in a single instrument, and its applications have found use in additive manufacturing and composite analysis.

With Bruker’s full range of micro-CT software, users benefit from volume rendering and virtual flights both around and inside a reconstructed sample’s microstructure.

SKYSCAN 1272 – High-resolution 3D X-ray Microscopy

Skyscan 1272 - Sandstone microplugThe SKYSCAN 1272 can visualize up to 209 megapixel (14450 x 14450 pixels) virtual slices through objects. Additional to its non-destructive imaging, the SKYSCAN 1272 uses a 16-megapixel camera that can visualize over 2,600 slices in a single scan.

Objects as small as 0.35μm can be detected with phase-contrast enhancement, and the visualization process can be fully optimized with the ability to adjust magnification, energy, filter, and exposure time and background corrections parameters automatically.

SKYSCAN 1275 – 3D X-ray Microscopy for Everyone

Using new advances in X-ray sources and flat-panel detector technology, the SKYSCAN 1275 is optimized for fast scanning. With a shorter distance between the source and the detector and fast camera readouts, the possibility to reduce scan times to just a few minutes with maximum image quality is a reality with SKYSCAN 1275.

The SKYSCAN 1275 scanner accommodates a wide range of object sizes from 96 mm in diameter and 100 mm in length, and is appropriate for large samples such as industrial parts and assemblies.

3D.SUITE Software

Every SKYSCAN instrument comes complete with Bruker’s comprehensive, in-house developed 3D.SUITE software for reconstruction, inspection, visualization, and analysis of internal object structures.

Users can display reconstructions as slice-by-slice movies or three, orthogonal projections, create flight movies through or around samples, and render volume reconstructions as realistic 3D objects.

3 orthogonal projections through a concrete sample

3 orthogonal projections through a concrete sample


The major applications of Bruker's range of micro-CT instruments include:

  • Heat shielding ceramic
  • Composite materials
  • Biological samples
  • Filter inspection
  • Paper industries
  • Electronics.


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