The next generation QUANTAX EDS from Bruker combines slim-line technology with a wide range of active areas for XFlash® 6 detectors. Bruker’s EDS detectors are integrated with enhanced hybrid pulse processor in order to set a new benchmark in functionality and high performance.

XFlash® 6T detectors for TEM and STEM offer minimum mechanical and electromagnetic interference as well as largest solid angle for TEM and S/TEM. They provide optimum take-off angle and avoid the necessity of sample tilt.

Key Features

The main features of the Bruker’s QUANTAX EDS for TEM/STEM include:

XFlash® 6T | 30 – the first SDD for aberration corrected TEM:

  • All-rounder for TEM analysis with mid-size 30 mm² chip

XFlash® 6T | 60 – the large solid angle SDD for Å-scale TEM analysis:

  • 60 mm² active area detector for analysis under low X-ray yield conditions

ESPRIT 2 analytical software for qualitative and quantitative analysis, quantification routines include:

  • Standardless and standard-based Cliff-Lorimer quant
  • High accuracy zeta-Factor quant


The key applications of the Bruker’s QUANTAX EDS for TEM/STEM include:

  • Characterizing semiconductor structures
  • EDS for life science
  • Analysis of magnetic nanostructures
  • Investigating core shell particles
  • Chemical phase analysis
  • Chemical characterization
  • Atom column EDS
  • Single atom EDS

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