Close Coupled Showerhead® CRIUS® II-L for Increased Productivity and Performance from AIXTRON

CCS CRIUS® II-L from AIXTRON is a high-throughput reactor that offers high performance at a low cost of ownership. The process cycles are less time-consuming, which ensures high process yields.

The system facilitates continuous production without internal bake and dynamic gap adjustments. It is available in varying size range - 69x2, 16x4, 7x6, and 3x8inch, each allowing a seamless scale-up process. The system can also be used for the analysis of curvature, surface temperature, and growth rate of wafers.

Key Features

The main features of the CRIUS® II-L reactor are as follows:

  • ARGUS in-situ temperature control
  • Fast susceptor handling function
  • Continuous production without internal bake
  • Seamless scale-up process
  • Reduced process cycle time
  • Available in varying sizes: 69x2, 16x4, 7x6, 3x8inch
  • High growth rate and pressure
  • Zero particle generation
  • High productivity and performance
  • Reduced maintenance

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