TURBOVAC i / iX Family of Pumps

Leybold’s TURBOVAC i / iX series of pumps offers a wide range of performance and electronic variants:

Performance variants include:

  • TURBOVAC T i / iX - for high throughput and process applications
  • TURBOVAC i / iX - for compact pump system solutions and UHV applications
  • TURBOVAC i Multi Inlet - for efficient vacuum solutions in multiple chamber applications

Electronic variants include:

  • TURBOVAC i - Cost-efficient solution for basic functions and interfaces
  • TURBOVAC iX - With built-in vacuum system controller for pump system control and extended functions

The TURBOVAC i / iX series has a compact footprint and entails lower initial and operating costs. It has a light gas pumping speed of up to 60% above present reference products, and compression values that are approximately 100x higher than previous generation products.

The TURBOVAC T i / iX is an efficient vacuum solution with increased gas throughput and faster run up times. The rotor design sans drag stages leads to improved tolerance against process particles and dust.

The TURBOVAC i Multi Inlet pumps deliver excellent pumping performance and can adapt to the system requirements of each analytical instrument. Equipped with two or more inlets, the pumps are compact, light weight, and save space and costs, thus increasing the reliability of the system.

The TURBOVAC I pumps feature an accessory port for controllable accessories, a fully internal 24/48VDC frequency converter, and user-friendly interfaces.

The TURBOVAC iX series includes a fully Internal 24/48VDC frequency converter, a built-in vacuum system controller, one gauge port for gauge supply and pressure data acquisition, three ports for accessory control, smart forevacuum pump control, and easy and user friendly interfaces.

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