Evactron® SoftClean™ Chamber from XEI Scientific

The Evactron® SoftClean™ Chamber available from XEI Scientific enables users to pre-clean holders and specimens and thus helps eliminate sources of contamination prior to introducing them into the microscope chamber.

The SoftClean™ system includes a SoftClean™ Chamber, an Evactron® de-contamination system, and a vacuum pump. It utilizes the same downstream plasma ashing process, similar to that found in other instruments. In addition, the SoftClean™ chamber can be utilized as a storage system for cleaned samples or as a standalone sample cleaner.

The fragile downstream process chemically ashes hydrocarbon impurities and removes it from the chamber, unlike standard plasma cleaning instruments that are costly, consume excess amount of power, sputter with energetic ion species, and possibly damage specimens with ion bombardment and heat.

Key Features

The main features of the Evactron® SoftClean™ Chamber are as follows:

  • Pre-cleans specimens and holders
  • Eliminates sources of contamination
  • Includes Evactron de-contamination system, SoftClean chamber, and vacuum pump
  • Adaptor flanges for TEM sample holders available
  • A wide range of Evactron SoftClean chamber options available
  • Chamber dimensions 8.5” (216mm) diameter x 5 .5” (140mm) height
  • 4 KF 40 + 1 KF 16 vacuum mounting flanges with manual shut-off valve for vacuum port
  • 1 venting port + Plated Al lid with 5.5" OD glass view port and RF shield

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