Evactron® CombiClean™ System from XEI Scientific

XEI Scientific offers the Evactron® CombiClean™ System that integrates external PRS (Plasma Radical Source) control and onboard vacuum cleaning chamber in a single, unified system.

The Evactron® CombiClean™ System utilizes XEI Scientific’s proven downstream plasma process and allows users of ion or electron microscopes (SEMs, FIBs or TEMs) to easily clean parts and specimens that need to be placed into the microscope, and also to clean the internal surfaces of the microscope vacuum environments.

The Evactron® CombiClean™ System serves as a complete laboratory anti-contamination resource and integrates Evactron in-situ microscope cleaning with a desktop sample cleaning chamber. This chamber enables specimens, specimen holders, and parts to be gently plasma cleaned by a second PRS.

Key Features

The main features of the Evactron® CombiClean™ System are as follows:

  • Onboard vacuum cleaning chamber and external PRS control combined in a unified system
  • Internal PRS with RF Match
  • Front panel display for status and operating conditions
  • Fault display and readout
  • Computer control with RS 232 I/O, DB9 Connector, Null Model Cable, 56k Baud
  • Graphical user interface with event log
  • Top loading lid for placing SEM parts and samples onto adjustable internal platform for cleaning
  • MKS MicroPirani transducer for vacuum pressure measurement and vacuum interlock
  • Optional remote computer interlock
  • RF power interlock prevents starting when out of vacuum pressure range
  • Encoder knob and enable/disable button for front panel control
  • Two horizontal ports for TEM stage holder cleaning
  • Adaptor flanges for all major manufacturers of TEM sample holders available

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