Orbis Micro X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer from EDAX

Orbis Micro Energy Dispersive (Micro-EDXRF) Analyzers from EDAX are a rapid, multi-element X-ray detection system designed for a wide range of sample types and shapes. The analyzer has the required sensitivity to analyze samples from parts-per-million to 100% concentrations.

The Orbis Micro-EDXRF is capable of measuring elements from Na to Bk under the air or low-vacuum environment. With the help of EDAX’s powerful, easy-to-use Vision software, precise elemental analysis of samples is possible.

The analyzer is available in two standard models; Orbis PC SDD and Orbis SDD. The results obtained from the analyzer are more appropriate than that of scanning electron microscopes for large-scale samples.

Key Features

The main features of the Orbis Micro Energy Dispersive Analyzers are as follows:

  • Innovative X-ray optic/video geometry detects any obstruction of the X-ray beam
  • Fast, simultaneous multi-element X-ray detection
  • Measurement of small/large samples in air or low-vacuum conditions
  • No coating is required
  • High sensitivity analyses of samples ranging from parts-per-million to 100% concentrations
  • Automated multi-point and imaging analysis on larger samples
  • Easy-to-use Vision software ensures precise elemental analysis Applications The major applications of the Orbis Micro Energy Dispersive Analyzers include:
  • Geological sample analyses
  • Electronics
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Industrial quality control
  • Criminal forensics

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