TEAM™ EBSD Analysis System with Orientation Imaging Microscopy (OIM) from EDAX

The TEAM™ EBSD analysis system is integrated with the smooth operation of the TEAM™ software with the analytical power of OIM to offer a state-of-the-art characterization of crystal structures.

The software is simple and requires only three clicks from the start of analysis to the final output. It has programmed optimization of system setup, data collection, analysis, and reporting coupled with flexible control. It offers complete access to and control of advanced level user settings.

Dynamic Mapping is possible with this advanced software. The TEAM™ MASCOT enables interactive selection of EBSD image quality, crystal orientation, phase, and SEM maps in real-time.

It allows viewing the results live during data collection, thereby ensuring quality data and providing instant insight into the tested materials. It also helps integrate grayscale and color images to maximize data content.

The TEAM™ EBSD is well-matched with the Hikari EBSD Camera Series, which provides both speed and sensitivity along with the high-resolution DigiView camera.

Key Features

The following are the main features of the TEAM™ EBSD analysis system with orientation imaging microscopy (OIM):

  • Smart camera and background
  • Smart indexing and data management
  • Automatic optimization of EBSD camera settings
  • Smart background collection and processing
  • Precise EBSD solutions via triplet indexing and confidence index values
  • Intuitive and versatile data management system for maintaining work sessions in an organized manner
  • TEAM™ Reporting enables to organize and communicating of output in an efficient manner in standard Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents
  • Speedy custom reports
  • Direct access to OIM analysis with application-specific and customizable templates for advanced EBSD reports
  • Allow users to provide a summary of data from both Point Analysis and Mapping modes for EBSD and integrated analysis

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