TEAM™ EDS Analysis System for SEM from EDAX

The TEAM™ EDS Analysis System from EDAX is an intuitive analytical solution used for SEM purposes. Combined with the TEAM™ EDS Software Suite, the tool delivers automated workflow functions. It is optimized for providing precise, reproducible results for a wide application range. Its touch screen function ensures easy extraction of results.

The TEAM™ EDS has a modern interface designed for operations under multiprocessor and multicore environments. Unlike any other systems, TEAM™ EDS offers smart features for startup, analysis, and reporting. The EDS technology and advanced features of the system enhance users’ experience.

Key Features

The main features of the TEAM™ EDS Analysis System are as follows:

  • Automated workflow functions
  • Touch screen capability ensures rapid extraction of accurate, reproducible results
  • Smart Track’s environmental panel monitors status of the system
  • Smart Phase Mapping generates phase maps with elemental distribution and related spectra, offering a higher analysis level
  • Smart Data Review facilitates an innovative layout of spectra, maps and images
  • Easy-to-use TEAM™ EDS Software Suite generates quick reports of sample characterization results


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