Folded & Formed Heating Elements for In-Plant Installations

TRENT Folded & Formed Heating Elements are ribbon-type elements that provide temperature control in heat processing operations. Developed to meet the need for higher temperatures, TRENT Folded & Formed heating elements were patented in 1933.

TRENT patented Folded and Formed® (F&F®) heating elements are highly efficient and aid in temperature uniformity, closer control, and greater flexibility, resulting in lower costs and better production rates.

Key Features

  • Greater direct radiation to the workload.
  • Lower watt density and more rapid heat dissipation than other conventional elements.
  • Faster heat-up and cool-down.
  • Maximum heating efficiency at lower surface temperatures to minimize burnout and extend element life.


TRENT Folded & Formed Heating Elements are used in the following installations:

  • Plastics softening
  • Material drying
  • Embossing heaters
  • Fuel-fired equipment conversion
  • Dryer and oven rebuilds
  • Upgrading existing heating equipment
  • Light duty heater replacement
  • Add-on heat zones

TRENT Folded & Formed Heating Elements are utilized in the following equipment:

  • Heater Racks
  • Plug Heaters
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Industrial Furnaces
  • Electric Jackets
  • Kettles
  • Meters
  • Hot Plates
TRENT Folded & Formed® Heating Elements

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