Trent Inc’s Electric Jackets for Heating Gases and Liquids up to 1000 °C

TRENT Electric Jackets assures dependable heat at temperatures not possible with steam or liquid heating methods. TRENT jackets are used up to temperatures of 1000 degrees without pressure equipment with maximum heat input, precise chamber control, and minimum jacket maintenance.

Key Features

TRENT electric jacket installations include:

  • Bricked, split jackets for reactor nozzle heating
 and fast heat transfer to fluid or gas pipe coils.
  • Portable, split jacket drum heaters for quick meltdown of high viscosity materials
  • Metal-lined, pipe jackets for vertical or horizontal mounting.
  • Multi-section split jackets with quick disconnect plugs for easy sectional removal, corrosion-proof Inconel lining.
  • Split, hinged jackets for quick installation on vertical columns and reduction retorts in uranium processing.
  • Kettle jackets designed for easy access to heat chamber
  • Features exclusive patented Folded and Formed® ribbon type heating elements, which operate with a lower watts density than conventional heating elements, providing direct radiation to the workload.


Heating liquid or gases in process vessels such as kettles, retorts, reactors, and piping
Heating units for a wide range of low temperature applications.

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