PRESTO A40 Temperature Control System, for Rapid Temperature Changes from -90°C to 250°C

The PRESTO A40 temperature control system has highly accurate temperature control and quick temperature changes suitable for testing different kinds of substances or temperature simulation. It offers excellent heating and cooling functions over a wide range of operating temperatures between -92°C and 250°C.

The PRESTO A40 can be controlled across different networks and in superordinated control systems via multiple interfaces. The integrated 5.7’’ industrial touch screen enables clear and concise display of results.

The system has a dynamic control over the changes in temperature-control liquid’s viscosity. The presence of self-lubricating pumps and permanent internal monitoring function ensures prolonged service life. The system is noise-free, heat-resistant, and requires minimal installation space.

Key Features

The main features of the PRESTO A40 temperature control system are:

  • Rapid heating and cooling
  • Space-saving design
  • Maintenance-free pumps and drives ensure operational readiness
  • Venting slots at the sides for simplified removal of dust
  • Highly precise, external temperature applications
  • Fast compensation of exothermic reaction
  • Up to 3 user level with password management
  • Wide working temperature ranges
  • Constant pressure and high flow rates
  • RS232 / optional RS485 / optional Profibus DP
  • 5.7” industrial color TFT touch screen
  • Stand-by input
  • High performance with small footprint

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