SW23 Shaking Water Bath with PID Temperature Control

Julabo’s shaking water bath is designed with a seamless, water-proof keypad which provides easy and convenient usage. Its bright multi-display (LED) is capable of displaying up to 6 temperatures that can be viewed from across the lab. Advanced microprocessor technology with a PID temperature controller assists in eliminating temperature overshoot and providing high temperature steadiness. Time-dependent applications are made simpler by the built-in timer. Another essential component is the RS232 interface that enables online communication with the PC.

Sensitive samples placed in the Julabo shaking water bath are safe as they are well protected, for instance when the high and low temperature limits are arrived at an interval tone alert can be heard. Similarly, in case the liquid in the bath attains a minimum level, a full shut-down occurs and a permanent signal tone can be heard.

The tools are designed for unsupervised nonstop operation. The bath tanks and all components, which are in contact with the bath liquid, are made of high-grade stainless steel.

Key Features

The main features of the SW23 shaking water bath are:

  • Microprocessor technology with PID temperature control
  • Removable shaking carriage
  • Shaking stroke 15mm
  • Shaking frequency is adjustable: 20-200rpm
  • Shaking frequency displayed on multi-display (LED)
  • Water-proof mains switch
  • Electronic timer for setting running time (0:01 to 9:59 h:min)
  • Dry-running protection / safety temperature fixed at 130°C
  • Early warning unit with high and low temperature limits
  • Drain screw for easily emptying the bath
  • Wide range of accessories including lift-up Makrolon bath cover available
  • EasyTemp control software is provided free of charge
  • With integrated circulation pump

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