Rapid Spectral Measurements of LED and SSL Lighting

The Admesy Hera Spectroradiometer series are very precise accurate spectrometers that provide auto range function and superior linearity in a compact and strong housing. Based on this combination, the Hera tool can be adapted for numerous applications spanning from R&D research to continuous usage in a manufacturing environment.

The Hera includes a fixed fiber optics setup. Admesy offers a fiberoptics package for its latest version which fully covers all measurement needs. The tool’s unique setup makes it suitable for OEM system integration as well.

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Key Features

  • Spectral range can vary according to the type:
    • 380-780nm - Hera 01 - VIS
    • 360-830nm - Hera 02 - VIS
    • 190-435nm - Hera 03 - UV
    • 200-1100nm - Hera 04 - UV-NIR
  • Superior linearity
  • Auto-range function
  • Multiple optical configurations
  • Dark current compensated
  • USBTMC compliant
  • SCPI command set
  • High speed
  • Several interfaces enable suitable system integration

Hera Spectrometer Series from Admesy

Spectral range 360-830nm
Numerous optical configurations
Auto-range function
Excellent linearity
Dark current compensated
Numerous interfaces, ideal for system integration
USBTMC compliant, SCPI command set, High speed device

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