A Stable Light Source for Colorimetery

Admesy’s Steropes offers efficient measurement results as it provides excellent and stable lighting. The Steropes LED light source’s precision is controlled by a built-in colorimeter, therefore it is able to provide excellent stability of the light output. The user is guaranteed to obtain 0.1% precision light output.

The Steropes can accomplish excellent measurement results alongside Admesy’s MSE series colorimeters/spectrometers/Brontes. The Steropes is offered in a standard color of natural white; however it can also be provided with red, green or blue LED light. Wavelengths can be customized as per customer’s request.

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Key Features

  • Standalone mode available
  • Ultra stable light source due to internal regulation
  • Ultra fast stabilization within 10ms
  • Light output controlled by USB and RS232 communication interfaces

Steropes from Admesy

Ultra stable light source thanks to internal regulation
USB and RS232 communication interfaces controlled light output
Ultra fast stabilization (within 10ms)
Stand alone mode available

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