Improving Power Quality in Commercial and Industrial Electrical Installations with the PCS100 RPC from ABB

ABB’s PCS100 RPC is an instrument designed to enhance power quality in commercial and industrial electrical installations in numerous industries.

The frequently occurring power quality problems are power factor, inrush generated sags, voltage unbalance and harmonics. These problems can cause financial penalties and expensive electrical equipment malfunctions if they are not rectified. The PCS100 RPC is a reactive power conditioner that is capable of handling all these problems.

By introducing reactive current to steady the voltage, the RPC can provide an effective solution to rectify regular problems in a cost-effective manner.

Key Features

The main features of the PCS100 RPC are:

  • High performance modular power electronic unit
  • Responds to power quality events immediately
  • Provides nonstop reactive power correction
  • Operating range from 100kVA to 2000kVA
  • Help to lessen certain common supply voltage issues caused by fast changing loads such as arc furnaces or welders, or fast changing imbedded generation such as PV solar.

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