Powerful Flow Characterization for Laboratory Research

Brookfield Engineering’s RST Plus controlled stress rheometer performs rheological analysis via controlled stress measurement, thereby providing excellent viscosity profiling, thixotropic response, creep analysis, and yield stress determination.

The RST Rheometer provides controlled rate as well as controlled stress measurement. It is available with plate/plate, cone/plate, or coaxial cylinder measurement geometry. It provides powerful flow characterization instruments such as loop, ramp, and single point testing. A broad range of shear stress, shear rate, and torque offer flexible flow testing including creep and yield measurement.

The RST Rheometer can handle the high throughput needed for quality control laboratories. It also provides the advanced flexibility needed for research areas. The system is cost effective, and offers convenient operation for a wide range of laboratory applications.

Key Features

The main features of the RST Plus controlled stress rheometer are:

  • Spindle barcode for auto spindle recognition
  • 11 memory slots for structured multi-step test programs
  • Controlled stress/rate operation to analyze comprehensive flow behavior
  • Quick and easy automatic or manual gap setting
  • User-friendly LCD touch screen with graphical display
  • Auto spindle identity recognition
  • 21 CFR compliance for controlled user access and data security
  • Rapid temperature control of plate with Peltier option for fast profiling of viscosity vs. temperature
  • Rapid connect coupling for convenient spindle attachment
  • Optional Rheo 3000 software for PC control and data management

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