Precision Hydrogen Standard Analysis Solution Gas Generators from Peak Scientific

Peak Scientific’s Precision hydrogen standard analysis solution gas generators are primarily designed for GC laboratory applications. The Precision series stands for the latest Peak Scientific innovation in on-demand gas generator design.

The Precision generators have a modular and compact design and provide both convenience and reliability. They measure 406 mm in height, 380 mm in width, and 539.5 mm in depth. It is a safe option for all GC gas requirements.

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Key Features

The main features of the Precision hydrogen standard analysis solution gas generator are:

  • Small and stackable
  • Ideal for carrier gas and flame gas at basic detection limits
  • Proven PEM technology to produce hydrogen in a safe and reliable manner
  • Automatic loading pump as standard
  • Internal leak detection with automatic shutdown features
  • Maintenance limited to replacing de-ionizer cartridge and silica gel
  • Short and easy start-up and shutdown procedures
  • Desiccant dryers to ensure high level of purity
  • Produces hydrogen on demand, minimal storage of hydrogen in the system

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Insights into the Product

Ed Connor, GC Product Specialist at Peak Scientific, speaks to about the Precision Hydrogen Standard Gas Generator:

What can this piece of equipment be used for?

EC - The Precision Hydrogen standard generator was designed to supply GC detectors, such as flame ionisation detectors (FID), flame photometric detectors (FPD) and nitrogen-phosphorous detectors (NPD) and one generator is capable of supplying multiple GC’s and detectors.

How will it help users to achieve their aims and objectives?

EC - The FID is the most commonly used GC detector and requires hydrogen for the flame meaning that the majority of GC labs use hydrogen. Since hydrogen is a potentially explosive gas, there are an increasing number of laboratory managers who are prohibited from having hydrogen cylinders in the lab due to health and safety laws.

Using a hydrogen generator allows the safe production of UHP hydrogen within the lab since the generator has only a very low stored volume of gas. In addition to the safety and convenience of using a hydrogen generator, laboratories can save money on the infrastructure costs of piping hydrogen into the lab from cylinder banks.

What do you feel are the main benefits and advantages of this gas generator compared to other available alternatives?

EC - The Precision Hydrogen Standard generator produces 99.9995% pure hydrogen using a desiccant dryer. Maintenance is limited to a simple filter change every 6 months. Peak offers a 3 year cell warranty with this generator. The generator comes with various safety features for extra peace of mind, as well as an automatic water loading pump as standard. All “Precision” generators are stackable, therefore if additional Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero Air generators are required also then no additional bench space is needed.

Download Peak Scientific's Precision Series Brochure for More Information

Technical Specification

Hydrogen Purity 99.9995%
Flow Rate Options 100, 200, 300, 450cc/min
Delivery Pressure 0- 100psi/ 0- 6.9 bar
Water Purity Requirements < 1.0 μS-cm Conductivity / > 1.0M Ω-cm Resistivity
Electrical Requirements 110-230V, 360VA
H = 406mm W = 380mm D = 539.5mm

Precision Hydrogen Standard Analysis Solution Gas Generators from Peak Scientific

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