Precision Nitrogen Standard Analysis Solution Gas Generators

Peak Scientific’s Precision nitrogen standard analysis solution gas generators are exclusively built for GC laboratory applications. They feature a highly advanced, on-demand gas generator design.

The Precision series is convenient and reliable and has a modular and compact design. They are safe and practical to use for GC gas requirements.

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Key Features

The main features of the Precision nitrogen standard analysis solution gas generators are:

  • Speedy start-up time
  • Small and stackable
  • Ideal for carrier gas and make up gas at standard detection limits
  • Limited maintenance with yearly filter change
  • Produces nitrogen on demand from compressed air

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Insights into the Product

Petra Gierga, Product Manager at Peak Scientific, speaks to about the Precision Nitrogen Standard Gas Generator:

What can the Precision Nitrogen Standard gas generator be used for?

The Precision Nitrogen generator can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from GC detector make-up gas to headspace vial pressurisation as well as purge and trap, tube conditioning for thermal desorption (TD) and sample blow down. One generator can be used to supply a number of applications simultaneously.

How will this generator help users to achieve their aims and objectives?

Labs that are looking to reduce their gas costs are turning to Nitrogen generators as an alternative to cylinder gas. The Precision Nitrogen generator offers high purity Nitrogen without the need to monitor gas levels in your cylinder and risk contamination of your equipment if gas is running low. You will also no longer have to stop your analysis to replace cylinders and thus improve your overall productivity.

What do you feel are the main benefits and advantages of the Precision Nitrogen Standard gas generator compared to other available alternatives?

The Precision Nitrogen generator uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to purify nitrogen from compressed air to 99.9995% purity. The PSA system is completely regenerative and will last for the lifetime of the generator. The Precision Nitrogen offers a constant and consistent supply of Nitrogen for your lab.

It has an ultra-fast start up time to reach operating purity. All “Precision” generators are stackable, therefore if additional Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero Air generators are required, no additional bench space is needed. Maintenance is limited to a single annual filter change. A dedicated air source, the Precision Air Compressor, is available for customers with no existing air supply.

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Technical Specification

Nitrogen Purity 99.9995%
Flow Rate Options 250, 600, 1,000cc/min
Delivery Pressure 0-80psi
Inlet Air Requirements Minimum 35 l/min at 100-120psi
Or Peak Precision Compressor
Electrical Requirements 110-230V, 41VA
H = 256mm W = 380mm D = 539.5mm

Precision Nitrogen Standard Analysis Solution Gas Generators from Peak Scientific

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