High Quality Magnification X-Ray Imaging from the XD7600NT Diamond

Nordson DAGE offers the XD7600NT diamond X-ray inspection system for high magnification X-ray imaging. The Nordson DAGE NT maintenance-free, sealed transmissive type of X-ray tube is unique and provides 0.1µm feature recognition and up to 10W of power along with the 2MP XiDAT3 digital image detector.

The vertical system design with the X-ray tube located below the isocentric ‘move and tilt’ of the detector is controlled by a simple, ‘point and click’ feature of the Nordson DAGE image wizard software. This system configuration provides safe and collision-free inspection needed for all applications. All the functions can be easily and rapidly automated from within the standard Nordson DAGE software sans the requirement for programming skills.

Key Features

The main features of the XD7600NT Diamond are:

  • Nordson DAGE NT100 maintenance-free, sealed-transmissive X-ray tube
  • Primary and secondary TFT LCD monitors
  • Superior magnification imaging and extended system and tube warranty as standard
  • Proven < 0.1µm feature recognition
  • Nordson DAGE innovative new X-Plane™ option which uses a proprietary, patent applied for, tomosynthesis, or CT method to produce 2D X-ray slices in any plane of a printed circuit board assembly without the necessity of cutting the board
  • 160 kV Tube with up to 10W tube power retains sub-micron ability at all times
  • 29” x 22.8” (736 x 580mm) full board size
  • AXiS - active X-ray image stabilisation and 24”
  • Nordson DAGE [email protected] XiDAT3 digital image intensifier with real time image enhancements
  • Geometric magnification 2,000 X, system 12,000 X and total 60,000 X with digital zoom
  • 70° oblique views without loss of magnification
  • Option: µCT (3D Inspection).

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