The Xi3400 X-Ray Inspection System with Automated 2D & 3D Inspection

The Xi3400 automated X-ray inspection system from Nordson DAGE is designed for the inspection of solder joints and other important features found in electronic assembly components packaged semiconductors, electronic assemblies and PCBs. It features innovative algorithms that allow real-time monitoring and quick, reliable, and automated inspection of critical process information.

The combination of Nordson DAGE hardware technology such as the patented digital tomosynthesis technology and Nordson YESTECH’s automation software techniques enables the Xi3400 to acquire multiple images at various slice heights within a single inspection cycle. The images obtained can be differentiated between the components on the top and bottom slices of double-sided boards to allow uninterrupted automated inspection.

The usage of standard package libraries not only simplifies training, but also allows program portability across the manufacturing lines. A number of inspection algorithms and techniques are integrated using the newly available image processing technology to provide thorough inspection with low false failure rate.

Key Features

The main features of the Xi3400 automated X-ray inspection system are:

  • Automated 2D and 3D inspection
  • Nordson YESTECH automation software integrated with Nordson DAGE hardware technology enables acquisition of multiple images at different slice heights
  • Standard package libraries ensure program portability across manufacturing lines
  • Quick set-up
  • Fast throughput
  • Low false failure rate
  • Variable magnification
  • High defect detection

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