SIEVEA 502: Electromagnetic Vibratory Sieve Shaker for Laboratory Sieving

The SIEVEA 502 electromagnetic vibratory sieve shaker available from Dandong HMKTest Instrument Co. Ltd. has been designed and developed to fulfill higher sieving requirements in the laboratory.

The SIEVEA 502 serves as a sieve shaker in the laboratory. It includes an electromagnetic generator, a sieve base, standard test sieves, and a sieve holder. Using electromagnetism as a driving force, the SIEVEA 502 spreads the powder evenly across the screen and simultaneously performs three-dimensional (3D) oscillation.

This specific vibratory technique ensures that sieve holes are not blocked by near-sieve particles, allowing the undersize particles to easily pass through the sieve. Based on the grade numbers of particle size, users can select a standard test sieve that has a different mesh size.

The sieving instrument emits less noise and has higher work efficiency. It is extensively used in food, medicine, and chemical industry, to name a few. The SIEVEA 502 has been designed to fully comply with the European Pharmacopoeia Ph. Eur. 2.9.38 requirements.


SIEVEA 502—Electromagnetic Vibratory Sieve Shaker P/N 050298. Image Credit: Dandong HMKTest Instrument Co. Ltd.

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