Ultraviolet Frame Transfer EMCCD Camera for Scientific Applications from EFiS HORIBA

HORIBA’s EFiS UV EMCCD is a scientific frame transfer EMCCD camera. The 1004x1002 sensor size helps to facilitate the most advantageous data resolution. Additionally, the frame transfer technology eliminates the need for shuttering of the incident light.

The EFiS UV EMCCD camera applies a Peltier-cooled Texas Instruments' 1 MP Frame Transfer Impactron device, which offers QE up to 65%. The front fused silica window enables data acquisition down to 180nm. The EFiS utilizes a 16 bit A/D converter and provides a basic CameraLink output to offer a highly reliable and cost effective interface solution.

The camera can be used with the image analysis software XCAP from EPIX as well as the Micro-Manager software, which serves as a comprehensive, free software platform for automated microscopy, and enables imaging applications.

The EFiS UV EMCCD camera, when connected to an HORIBA spectrometer, is suitable for use with the VSPEC-PRO software, which is a high-performance software with advanced spectroscopy and imaging capabilities.

The EFiS UV EMCCD camera, which is fitted on a microscope or packaged with Horiba Scientific’s spectrometers, provides exceptional performance for low-light applications.

Key Features

The main features of the EFiS UV EMCCD camera are:

  • Integrates speed, high sensitivity, and high resolution
  • Data acquisition down to 180nm
  • Exceptional performance
  • Cost effective and reliable interface solution.


The key applications of the EFiS UV EMCCD camera are:

  • LIBS
  • Astronomy
  • Solar cell inspection
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Fluorescence imaging / spectroscopy
  • Single molecule detection
  • High resolution fluorescence imaging.

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