FLIR Tau 160 Uncooled Thermal Imaging Cores

The Tau 2 is the new product in FLIR’s Tau series of LWIR uncooled thermal imaging camera cores. The Tau 60 is a 160x120 format thermal camera with a pixel size of 25µm. Lens option includes: 7.5mm, 9mm, 13mm and 19mm.

FLIR also provides three affordable Tau 2 options for applications that do not need high-resolution imaging:

  • Tau2 168 a 160×128 with 34 µ-pitch
  • Tau2 162 a 160×128 with 50 µ-pitch
  • Tau2 160 a 160×128 with 25 µ-pitch

Key Features

The main features of the FLIR Tau 160 uncooled thermal imaging cores are:

  • Multiple lens options available
  • Multiple models available
  • Rugged and reliable thermal imaging

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