FLIR µCore-275Z Mid-Wave Camera Core

The FLIR µCore-275Z mid-wave camera core available from FLIR provides original equipment manufacturers with a small, compact, turnkey cooled core solution.

The µCore-275Z operates in the 3-5 micron waveband. It is also lightweight and can be easily integrated into small security products such as airborne gimbals and thermal weapon sights. The µCore-275Z is capable of continuous optical zoom, which allows operators to work back and forth between a wide and narrow field of view without losing sight of the target.

Key Features

The main features of the FLIR µCore-275Z mid-wave camera core are:

  • 640 x 512 pixel resolution
  • Cooled mercury cadmium telluride detector
  • Continuous optical zoom lens option removes the requirement for multiple lenses
  • Can be easily integrated into thermal weapon sights, gimbals, and security products
  • Powerful image processing algorithms integrated in software and hardware
  • Can be used with common power and video interfaces

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