Organic Compound Sampling Using Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) Products from Field Forensics

Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) products manufactured by Field Forensics are used for procuring samples for organic compounds such as drugs, toxins, explosives, arson accelerants and other substances.

With Field Forensics’ SPME products, samples can be reliably taken and directly sent to a laboratory (which can even be located in a faraway place) for analysis, unlike other SPME products. The sample goes directly into a GC-MS (for example) for testing.

Generally, SPME fibers need conditioning before usage and reconditioning after each use so that contaminants and residual sample can be completely removed. Mostly SPME fibers are conditioned in the injection port of a GC. However, as SPME fibers tend to take up to four hours time to condition/recondition, using the GC injection port is additional waste of essential tool time.

The TuffSyringe™ Model TS100 is a highly durable manual SPME manipulator in the market. The TuffSyringe™ is provided with a stainless steel structure with its end caps made from titanium. The titanium end caps helps to keep the TuffSyringe™ safe during storage and transport. A Teflon insert covers the SPME needle and prevents loss or contamination of the sample and the SPME fiber.

The SafePorter™ Model SP200 is a field transport container designed for SPME syringes, manual sample holders, and other samplers. The SafePorter™ features are similar to the TuffSyringe™ Model TS100.

Key Features

The main features of the SPME products are:

  • Rugged and slim design
  • Accurate identification
  • Portable and reliable

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