Pegasus® GC-HRT 4D High Resolution TOFMS

Pegasus GC-HRT 4D is the latest gas chromatography system from LECO. It is an innovative tool that provides users with the remarkable ability to examine complex samples and identify unknown analytes.

The Pegasus GC-HRT 4D is built with the top performing commercially available GCxGC and TOFMS and with High Resolution Deconvolution™ (HRD™), thus offering users a much better chance to detect more analytes and identify components clearly.

These features are integrated with LECO’s ChromaTOF-HRT® brand software, which is customized to maximize high resolution data when used along with NIST and Accurate Mass Libraries.

To further enhance absolute identification, features like generation of Pseudo-Molecular ions via Chemical Ionization, isotope patterns, retention time matching, and mass accuracy of deconvoluted fragments are also applied.

The Pegasus GC-HRT 4D with its mass accuracies of 1ppm and peak capacity potential of almost two times more than any mass spectrometer in the market, is the ideal solution for coelution and testing of even highly complex samples.

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Key Features

The following are the main features of the LECO’s Pegasus® GC-HRT 4D high resolution TOFMS:

  • High resolution deconvolution deconvolutes and detects key analytes in complex matrices
  • LECO’s Folded Flight Path® (FFP®) technology offers high resolution and sensitivity as well as higher orders of TOF focusing which prevents basic TOF dispersion and enables wider initial conditions
  • ChromaTOF-HRT brand software, for mainly HRT instrumentation and GCxGC support, is added to provide advanced qualitative and quantitative capabilities to an all-in-one user-friendly data system
  • KADAS® is LECO’s patented ion statistics based data acquisition system that helps to greatly minimize noise, decrease file size, and enhance mass accuracy

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