Fully Integrated Microscopy – Delphi from Phenom World

Phenom World’s Delphi is an instrument designed to handle rapid correlative microscopy with unique overlay precision. It is the first fully integrated solution in the world for this purpose.

Both light and electron microscopy users will find the Delphi highly user-friendly. Furthermore, Delphi can be adapted to all laboratories as it is offered in an economical package and does not require a skilled microscopy user for the imaging and interpretation of data.

The fluorescence microscopy is widely used in life science imaging as it offers accurate localization for specific events. Likewise, the electron microscopy is able to offer comprehensive structural data with nanoscale resolution and a very high depth-of-focus. Together these two methods can rapidly provide a more complete image for the user using a method called correlative light & electron microscopy (CLEM). Therefore CLEM is now made available to all laboratory users via the Delphi.

Key Features

The main features of the Delphi are as follows:

  • A table-top system that minimizes the need for additional space and facilities and offers great easy usage
  • Automatically overlay the fluorescence and electron images with the aid of a proprietary algorithm, thereby resulting in only negligible overlay errors.
  • Simultaneous measurements are possible without the need to move the sample

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